Registration Information:


Our program fees are: $45 a week for one child and $80 for two.  3 days is considered a week and will cost the regular amount.  One day is $15 per child and we always welcome drop-ins.  We have a one time $20 registration fee which is due the day you register or the first day your child attends our program.  Please stop by the office to get a registration packet.  All payments should be check or money order.  NO CASH!



ASP is from 2:30p.m. - 6:00p.m.

* Students HAVE to be pickedup BY 6:00PM or you will be charged late fees and after 6:30p.m. we will have to call SECURITY!!!

ALL payments must be made the day your child attends the program.  Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments are accepted.  Payments are expected the FIRST day your child attends.

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